6.5.4 Workshop tool (for peer review and assessment)

In Moodle, the Workshop tool enables the collection, review and peer assessment of learner work. Allocation of submitted work to learner assessors can be done by the teacher or automatically and there will be set periods for the different stages of the process, which is a time-bound activity.  

The learner can submit any digital content, for example a digital file such as a word-processed document or spreadsheet and can also type directly into a field using the text editor. Learner submissions are assessed using multi-criteria assessment form defined by the teacher or tutor. It is possible to practice the process of peer assessment and understanding the form with example submissions. Learners are given the opportunity to assess one or more peer submissions and they can all be anonymous if required. Learners obtain two grades in the workshop activity – a grade for their own submission and a grade for their assessment of peer submissions. The grades are recorded in the gradebook.

6.6 Issuing open badges