Finding relevant MOOCs


There are hundreds of MOOCs on offer. Where can you start?

MOOC List is a directory of courses that allows you to search, for example by provider, category, language, university or type of certificate. Class Central is a very similar portal: you can browse courses that are trending right now, starting soon, just announced, already in progress, as well as future MOOCs. OpenCulture curate a list of MOOCs from Great Universities, arranged by start date and including evergreen courses, which you can take at any time.

If you prefer, you could head directly to some of the most popular English-speaking MOOC platforms:

Or if you'd rather see what's available in other languages, we recommend that you visit OpenUpEd; one of the largest MOOC providers for higher education, it contains courses in Spanish, English, Turkish, German, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Russian and more. Alternatively, go to the European Multiple MOOC Aggregator EMMAEMMA provides "a system for the delivery of free, open, online courses in multiple languages from different European universities". 

Activity 2.3 MOOC browsing
 Allow 30 minutes for this activity

Visit one of the links provided above and have a look at what MOOCs are available to you. What are your first impressions? 

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