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‘App’ is short for an application, which is a computer program designed to fulfil a very specific function, such as retrieving data from Facebook to your smart phone. The implication is that an app will do one thing very well, although many do more than one thing. Although they are commonly used on mobile devices, whether tablet or smart phone, they are also used on a desktop PC or laptop.

There is now a bewildering array of apps and tools available that can be used in many different areas of life. Here we have selected some of the most common and grouped them under four categories. We have provided downloadable PDFs explaining what they do and how they can help you.

Activity 4.3 Online apps and tools Allow 45 minutes for this activity

Follow the links below, read one or two of the descriptions under each of the headings within those tables and think about some of their possible uses. You might want to download the PDFs for future reference.

It is likely that you see a different use for these apps. Depending on the area you work in, you might have a use for Facebook in your job, or you might run a Facebook page to advertise your company or want to set up a closed group for colleagues or friends.

1. Tools for communicating and connecting

The tools on the Tools for communicating and connecting PDF  provide different ways of communicating with others online.

2. Creation tools

Creation tools help you create, edit and share different types of content. The different applications described on the  Creation tools PDF (PDF document60.8 KB)  help you create presentations, visualise mathematical data, video, screencasts, record and share audio, and curate images.

Be aware that all sites with video capabilities might contain some pornographic material. If you wish to avoid that content, you can set limits on your searches or choose not to use a particular service. Different services provide different ways of limiting searches.

3. Collaboration tools

All the social media tools already listed in Communicating and connecting also enable collaboration. Many of the tools and apps listed here rely on cloud storage to enable collaboration. You will need to carefully consider whether cloud storage is suitably secure for the type of material you are sharing. Do your documents contain personal data or contain commercially sensitive information? In these cases you might need to use other storage options. Collaboration tools PDF.

4. Tools for keeping up to date and managing information

The tools within the  Tools for keeping up to date and managing information PDF (PDF document50.0 KB)  are most likely to be used by those pursuing study; some, like Twitter and Reddit, are also used for more social purposes.

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