MOOCs and digital skills for a digital workforce


In his blog post What Are the Required Skills for Today’s Digital Workforce?, Dion Hinchcliffe writes about the skills he believes are "essential for working in a much more sustainable and meaningful way in our digital age". These are represented in the diagram below:

Read the full article in you want to know in detail about each of these skills. What we would like to highlight is that workers and learners often conflate, and the skills of the 21st workforce are also the skills you need to successfully take a MOOC. Collaboration is key; even if you like to learn mostly on your own, we live in an increasingly connected world. Connecting with others and sharing become part of your online identity. We'll look into that next week. 

Activity 3.4 Working out loud Allow 15 minutes for this activity

Watch the following TEDx talk by John Stepper introducing the concept of Working Out Loud and the advantages of building relationships and making your work visible.

Week 4: Your digital identity

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