Are you keen to take forward the skills and knowledge from this course in terms of improving your career prospects and professional development? Would you also like to become part of a wider professional network and find opportunities to showcase the skills you have? LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks and offers the ideal opportunity for you to do this.

The two videos below provide some information about LinkedIn and how to get started. As you watch them, think about how they might help you to improve your professional profile.

What is LinkedIn?

Top tips to get started on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often seen as an online CV. It should be as complete and as detailed as a CV, and should be kept up to date. Other ways LinkedIn can help with your career include enabling you to:

  • connect with others in your industry or profession
  • find jobs
  • be part of professional groups and discussions
  • find connections through other people.

Companies and employment agencies use LinkedIn to recruit staff. They will be searching for specific keywords, so it’s essential to include those keywords within your profile. Think about what recruiters are likely to search for. If you’re unsure, look at job specifications or advertisements for essential skills.

Activity 4.4 Setting up your LinkedIn profile Allow as long as you need!

If your don't have a profile in LikedIn, it is a good idea to set up one. How to set up a profile in LinkedIn will help you with the basics. When you are ready, share your LinkedIn page in the course forum and start making connections.

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