The Challenges

Two challenges as the focus for learning

A Choice of Challenge

 There are two challenges to choose from. 

  • Design communication, using your creativity and modelling skills to communicate experience. 
  • Design idea, developing an idea for a new design and using your modelling skills to communicate that idea
The two challenges are as follows:

The New Normal - Design Communication

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, the way we live, shop, travel and meet with one another. This challenge is to explore and communicate this new normality. Create a poster, booklet or 3D CAD model to convey what the new normal means for you.

Designing for the New Normal - Design Idea

There is nothing like a crisis to spark creativity. Do you have an idea that could help us adapt to the new world in which we find ourselves? It may be something for individual use for example to help to combat isolation or to make life easier in some way. Or you may have ideas on a larger scale, for example to help shops, schools or offices to manage social distancing. Create a set of drawings or a 3D CAD model to show your idea.

Another project that you would rather work on?

If you would rather work on a project of your own that is fine too. Hopefully the community of learners on this summer school will help you with whatever it is you have in mind.

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