Starting point: Week 1

Thinking about what to do and making a start

There are two decisions to make (and an optional third).

1. What skills would you like to develop in the next 4 weeks? 

Are you interested in developing your 2D drawing or graphic design skills or would you like to develop your 3D modelling skills using CAD software?  You can see links to possible software here.

2. Which challenge would you like to take up?

Are you more inclined to design a piece of communication or would you prefer to design  a product, service or even a system? You can see the design challenges here.
If you are not sure, about which skills to develop because they all sound useful, choose whichever appeals to you most at this time. You can always use future breaks between modules to try out something different. The same goes for the challenge. If you are someone who enjoys coming up with new ideas then the design challenge may be the one for you. But if you don't want to put yourself under pressure to come up with a new idea right now, that is fine too. And you may find that you change challenges at some point as your ideas evolve.
This week, you will make your choices and then immerse yourself in the software you have chosen. You will probably find that you need to do lots of basic exercises before you attempt to respond to the challenge you choose. So focus on learning the basics, watch the online tutorials created by the manufacturer and make time, as you view each one to rehearse the technique that has been demonstrated. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, no-one is watching and it is the best way to learn.
Before you start, think about when and how you are going to engage with the software to ensure you have the time and equipment you need.

3. Show what you have done?

By the end of Week 1 we hope to see some of your work using the software - whether this addresses the challenge directly or not. Upload screenshots or exported images to OpenDesignStudio and, in the description write a few words to say what you have learnt so far and how it is going. You can upload to ODS here

You might also think about sharing any good material you came across: training resources; YouTube channels; people to follow; tips or suggestions. You can do this with your ODS post or on the Summer School forum.

This week's meet-up will take place on ?? August at ??pm

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