Presenting your response: Week 4

Getting ready to present your work

You are nearly there! This week is your time to work intensively on finishing your response to the design challenge and to present it to everyone. Make sure to save a copy of your work in a format that can be read by anyone, even without the software that you have been using. You will find for example that you can save a copy of a Photoshop file as a JPEG or PDF. For CAD models take some screenshots of your model from various angles so that they can be easily shared and export as a SketchUp file too to share the full 3D experience.

Share your final design work  in OpenDesignStudio on the Design Study Site., label it Summer School Final Design. What you share will depend on the software you have been using and whether you have created a poster, booklet, a CAD model or a series of images. If you need to paste links to your work on other media that is fine (for example if you have made a movie of a 3D model or if you have uploaded a booklet to Yumpu or another brochure sharing site), but it would be good to have some still images too in ODS to give a taste of what you have done.

The final meet up for the course will take place on ?? August at ??pm and we will look at everyone's work and celebrate what you have achieved.

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