How's it going?: Week 2

Continuing your learning

This week continues the work that you began last week. Hopefully you are still practising with your chosen software and beginning to get a better understanding of how it works and how it might be used. Have you got any test pieces that you would like to share with others on the summer school? It would be great to share what you have achieved so far and to say a little about it. You can share your work in OpenDesignStudio on the Design Study Site.

Have you started thinking about the challenge? Different people work in different ways, you may have been working on it since last week or you may not have started working on it directly yet. If you haven't made a start on it yet keep it in the back of your mind and let your ideas incubate. Be sure to jot down any that occur to you. 

Are there any particular aspects that you are finding a little difficult? Use the forum on this course to talk to others about it and ask for help and advice.

This week's meet-up will take place on ?? August at ??pm

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