Section 5.2.2: What is the future for space-based telescopes?

Whilst great astronomy can be done from the ground, particularly from high altitude observatories such as those in the Chilean Andes or Hawaii, for some types of astronomy the telescopes simply have to be put into space. Above the Earth’s atmosphere, different methods of measurement, infrared and ultraviolet astronomy in particular become much more accessible.  The Hubble Space Telescope has operated successfully for many years. The next generation of space observatory is represented by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) and is planned for launch by NASA in 2018.

ACTIVITY: Watch the following video to learn more about the JWST mission. 

JWST Mission TrailerVideo player: JWST_Mission_Trailer.m4v   

(credit: NASA)

ACTIVITY: In the following video FAQ, James Webb Space Telescope scientist Dr. Amber Straughn answers some frequently asked questions about the mission.

JWST videofaqVideo player: JWST_videofaq.m4v    

(credit: NASA)

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