Section 6.3: More information

This course was created by Darren Baskill, Jen Gupta, Clare Harvey, and Andrew Norton as a project for SEPnet, the South East Physics Network. We hope you have enjoyed this course and would be interested in finding out more.  Why not try some of the resources below:

The Zooniverse: this contains a number of different projects where you can help analyse data to contribute to research, such as identifying galaxies, finding exoplanets and studying the weather on Mars.

OpenLearn: this contains lots of resources from the Open University on a number of topics.

Space:UK: this magazine, published by the UK Space Agency, contains the latest space sector news.

ESERO (the European Space Education Research Office): this contains lots of educational resources about space.

British Astronomical Association: this society supports amateur astronomers and contains lots of information about observing and space missions.

Royal Astronomical Society: this contains information on getting started in astronomy and information about observatories.

The National Schools' Observatory and the Faulkes Telescope: these allow schools to take images using the telescope but the data archives and activities are available to anyone.

Also, keep an eye out for stargazing events run by your local universities.   You can find your nearest university physics department outreach team through the Engaging Physicists website.

SEPnet outreach partners:

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