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Art history in Wales

Updated Monday, 24 July 2023

YXM130 Example subject pathway created by Martin Weller, Chair of the Open Qualifications.

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I am the Chair of the Open Qualifications at The Open University, including the Open Degree and Open Masters, and I was part of the team that developed YXM130. What excited me about the development of the module was the way it allowed learners to take control of their own learning and bring different resources together in a way that was valid, and also meaningful to them.

I live in Wales and, if I was studying the module, I would be interested in looking at aspects of Art History and how it relates to the Welsh context. I’ve always had an interest in Art and History, and in fact have studied Masters in both History and Art History. How a culture interacts with art and, in turn, how that culture is to an extent defined by the art that comes to represent it are fascinating topics.

I think the courses I have selected below could help answer a number of questions and provide areas for further exploration, such as:

  • an understanding of Welsh history
  • how religion, language and politics shape art
  • the nature of cultural heritage
  • an appreciation of the techniques and focus of art history
  • how different subjects can be brought together in art history

The following courses would be an interesting combination, most are Level 1 although some explore subjects in a bit more depth at Level 2.

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