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Making your learning count – Example study pathways (YXM130)

Updated Monday, 24 July 2023
Welcome to the Making your learning count (YXM130) OpenLearn example study pathways page.

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Below are some example study pathways created by OU members of staff, based on subjects they would be interested in studying if they registered for the module. These have been provided to inspire you and provide an example of the variety of Open Educational Resources available. Just click on an example to see what courses each individual would choose to study!

If you are a Young Applicant in Schools Scheme (YASS) Scotland student, there is further information about YXM130 available for you here: OpenLearn choices for YASS students - OpenLearn - Open University.

Remember, it is entirely up to you what you study! You just need to make sure you choose to study courses from more than one subject or discipline.

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