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Free course

Learning to teach: making sense of learning to teach

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Learning to teach: making sense of learning to teach

This free course, Making sense of learning to teach, is the first of four courses which comprise the course Learning to teach. It draws on what we know about how people learn to become teachers. It explores the different approaches to teacher education and the different routes into teaching. It will help you to understand the philosophical and practical differences between the different approaches. It draws on research about students' experiences of learning to teach and considers the implications of this in designing teacher education programmes.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • know the differences in opinion about what Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is trying to achieve
  • understand the differences in perception of the student teachers' role in ITE
  • recognise some of the ways in which these differences manifest themselves in the UK
  • understand effective student teacher learning and how students themselves perceive the process of learning to teach.

First Published: 24/07/2013

Updated: 23/08/2016

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