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Your journey of learning and discovery with us

Updated Wednesday, 11 October 2023

If you’re reading this article, it means you’re about to embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery with us.

This content is associated with The Open University's Open degree qualification.                          

We are proud to offer over 1,000 free learning resources on OpenLearn. Within this, you’ll be able to find something that meets your interests and works for your busy life. This short article contains some useful introductory information to help get you started.

What is OpenLearn?

The video below tells you a little bit more about what OpenLearn has to offer you.

PDF document Transcript 33.2 KB

What will OpenLearn do for me?

  • Courses can be completed at your own pace and are available 24/7, to fit in with the time you have available.
  • The skills and knowledge you gain from OpenLearn courses are great additions to your CV.
  • Completing our courses helps you gain new skills and enhances your employability, setting you apart when you are applying for jobs and demonstrating your commitment and knowledge.
  • There is something for everyone and you can try lots of different things.
  • OpenLearn is a great way to find out if you enjoy certain subjects/work areas.

Getting started

The OpenLearning Champions Scotland hub has been designed as a resource to get you started. We have specially selected courses and articles split into the following sections: 

  • Articles: shorter activities across a range of different topics from mindfulness to resources for online safety.
  • Shorter level 1 courses through to longer level 1 courses: level 1 courses are suitable for most learners and we have courses from 1-24 hours across all our subjects.
  • Next Steps & future pathway options: courses to support learners who want to move onto further study either with the Open University or other providers. For example:
  • Scotland resources: courses focused on Scottish history, language and culture.
  • Links to key OpenLearn Hubs – such as our Mental health and wellbeing hub.

OpenLearn Create

There are some extremely useful resources on OpenLearn Create which may support learners who need a gentler introduction to online learning, including the following: 

  • Everyday computer skills: developed in partnership with LEAD to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to get started in a digital world.
  • Essential skills for online learning: this resource, developed by The University of Manchester Library, will help you to develop skills to get the most out of being an online learner.


While all OpenLearn courses are online, most of them will also be available in a number of formats you can download, including Word and PDF. This can approve online accessibility, for example if you use a screen reader, or if you like to work offline these resources can also be printed.

It is worth noting that there may be some interactive elements on some courses. These will not be included in a printed version of an online course and for completion certificates and/or digital badges, there is normally a minimum number of activities that need to be completed online.

Useful guides

We are currently working on a new interactive tool to support learners to get started on OpenLearn and create an individual learning plan. The following resources are still available while the tool is in development:

  • Open pathways: This can get you started on your learning journey, helping you navigate your way through OpenLearn to find something that interests you, while building your confidence learning online. This is also available as a downloadable PDF (PDF document3.7 MB) .
  • Where to take your learning next: useful information on how you can build on your experience of taking OpenLearn courses including our amazing range of Access modules.

Video guides

How to sign-up for a free OpenLearn account and the benefits of it

Transcript (PDF document60.2 KB) .

Where to find my in progress courses

    Transcript (PDF document55.9 KB) .

    What is a digital badge?

      Transcript (PDF document57.8 KB) .

      Where to find badged courses

        Transcript (PDF document19.5 KB) .

        Where to find my statement of participation and badges

          Transcript (PDF document59.1 KB) .

          How to share my digital badge on LinkedIn

          Transcript (PDF document58.6 KB) . 


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