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Teachers sharing resources online
Teachers sharing resources online

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4.1 Selecting suitable resource/topic

The following activity will guide you through the process of selecting one of your own resources to share online.

Activity 14

Timing: 30 minutes

Think about resources you already have and select one that you think might be suitable for sharing on a website. Answer each of the following questions:

  • Is the resource likely to be of use to others? If so, why do you think so? (It may be that it is a very common topic for example.)
  • Is it free of copyright or otherwise licensed material?
  • Do you need to remove any personal or context-specific data or information? If so, how will you do that?
  • Is it in the right format and of the right file size? If not, can you convert it and/or compress it?
  • Is it more than one file? If so it may need zipping up before uploading (ie combining into a single file).
  • Does it have a sensible file name?
  • Have you applied the criteria you used for selecting evaluating resources in Activity 7?