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Free course

Physical activity: a family affair

Free statement of participation on completion
Physical activity: a family affair

This free course, Physical activity: a family affair, aims to explore the effects that the family has on the amount and nature of physical activity a child participates in. The beliefs and behaviours of the family environment are the key psycho-social factors we investigate here.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • summarise the main research evidence of family influence on a child's level of physical activity participation
  • relate expectancy-value theory (Eccles, 1993; Eccles et al., 1983) to parental involvement in children's sporting experience
  • understand how gender and parental gender stereotypes may affect parents' support of children's participation in sport.

First Published: 22/07/2013

Updated: 09/04/2019

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