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Updated Wednesday, 15th July 2020

The Tokyo Olympics were postponed due to Covid-19, and will now take place in July and Auguist 2021. The good news is you can still dig deep into the Olympics and Paralympics with our FREE resources.

Game(s). Set. Match

Coach an athlete to Olympic or Paralympic success in our Medal Quest game, or discover your perfect sport in our Olympisize Me interactive.

Insights from the experts

How does a 'good athlete' train to become the best in their sport and take to the podium time and time again? These 'serial champions' outline their determination and mindset in our videos.

Discover the ancient Olympics

What are the similarities and differences between our modern Games and the Ancient Olympics? These rescources explore...

Gender: A level playing field?

What if Eliod Kipchoge was a woman? How are sportswomen portrayed in the media? What about motherhood, what are the challenges in returning to sport or starting up a new sport? Find out with the content below.

Game-changing FREE courses

We've put together 12 of our top FREE courses - perfect if you're a budding athlete, a coach or mentor, psychologist, or if you just want to find out more about sport and fitness





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