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Free course

Supporting and developing resilience in social work

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Supporting and developing resilience in social work

What does it take to become a resilient practitioner in social work? This free course, Supporting and developing resilience in social work, will guide you through some important concepts. An understanding of ‘emotional resilience’ and ‘professional leadership’ will help to guide you through taking a positive approach to problems that arise in social work practice. You will also be introduced to some ideas about leadership in social work practice.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss why emotional resilience is important in social work practice and what skills and strategies are involved
  • explore the support that social workers can expect from their managers, and how to get the best out of supervision
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of the skills and qualities involved in social work professional leadership
  • understand the benefits of criticality, reflection and analysis to social work practice and continuing professional development.

First Published: 27/10/2016

Updated: 27/03/2020

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