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How to be a critical reader
How to be a critical reader

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function of a text
The function of a text, section of text, sentence or clause is what it does. For example, a text, section of text or sentence in a text may describe, explain, recount, compare, give a result, and so on.
Using language to signal that you are not absolutely certain about what you say or write. You do not present what you are saying as a fact. This may be because you do not know everything about the topic so are not sure or you are aware that other people have different views, so you are respecting their viewpoint, or because you are speaking/writing to someone who may take offence if you are too direct in what you say. Examples: (1) Anthropathology might be regarded as drawing attention to the worst facing us; (2) It seems that today’s students cannot read critically; (3) Past students probably thought of education as a privilege; current students undoubtedly view it as an entitlement.