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Black Blue Plaques

Updated Tuesday, 9 July 2024

This film explores the under-representation of Black heritage and the linguistic landscape in relation to Blue Plaques.

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What does British heritage mean today and how is it signalled in public space? If you walk through the streets of central London, it won’t be long before you catch sight of a Blue Plaque on the outside of a building. 

There are thousands of them dotted around the city today, commemorating famous people and the buildings with which they had an association. 

Over the century and a half since the scheme started, however, the idea of ‘heritage’ that these plaques tend to represent has changed significantly – and this change is reflected in the growing numbers of plaques put up to celebrate the contribution of previously under-recognised sections of society.

The film explores how minoritised groups, in this case Black people, can use a classic symbol of ‘heritage’ like the Blue Plaques to counter their under-representation in the public space and imagination.

Transcript (PDF document112.1 KB)

  • Featuring the work of Black History Walks, the Nubian Jak Community Trust, and English Heritage, and narrated by Karen Arthur. With thanks to the BAAL Applying Linguistics fund for support for the project.
  • Written, produced and directed by: Lab Ky Mo, Philip Seargeant, Korina Giaxoglou and Frank Monaghan


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