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Getting started with Chinese 3
Getting started with Chinese 3

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7 Character combination and word formation

So far this week you haven’t been introduced to much new vocabulary. Activity 6 will rectify this by introducing you to some new phrases, but before working out the meaning of these, below is a list of compound words which will already be familiar to you.

  • shòu (thin) + xiǎo(small) → shòuxiǎo 瘦小 (thin and small)

  • gāo(tall) + (big) → gāodà 高大 (big and tall)

  • duō(many) + jiǔ (long time) → duōjiǔ 多久 (how long )

Have you learned any other compound words recently? Perhaps you can summarise them in your language notebook.

Activity 6

hǎo piàoliang 好漂亮, míngtiān jiàn 明天见,tài hǎole 太好了, hěnjiǔ 很久

What do think these phrases mean? Take a guess and check the answers below. Feel free to use dictionaries and other tools.


hǎo piàoliang 好漂亮, very beautiful

míngtiān jiàn 明天见, see you tomorrow

tài hǎo le 太好了, wonderful

hěnjiǔ 很久, long period of time