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Hybrid working: starting in the workplace
Hybrid working: starting in the workplace

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2.2 Virtual CVs

The hybrid workplace has not only impacted the day-to-day activities involved in many jobs, but it has also significantly altered how people get jobs in the first place. From new skills required on applications, to the rise of virtual interviews, the way in which we apply for jobs has changed enormously in recent years.

The virtual CV has become a focal point, with sites such as LinkedIn or Indeed acting as a place where people can build their CV. If you don’t have a LinkedIn (or similar) profile, we highly recommend you create one and start adding people to your network, as this will make you more visible to potential employers. Recruiters will search services like LinkedIn based on your current job position, so even if you don’t have a job you should still put something into the ‘current job title’ box, such as ‘Trainee Accountant’ or whatever job you want to get. Then, in the ‘company box’ you should simply write ‘looking for a new opportunity’. This will help show recruiters and companies that you are definitely looking for a role, and you will show on the algorithm more prominently.

Activity 4 Update (or set up) your virtual CV

Timing: 20–30 minutes

Read the article Networking for Job Seekers: 10 LinkedIn Alternatives [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] to explore the different professional networking sites. Many professionals will now have a LinkedIn profile, but also profiles on sites that specialise on jobs within their chosen sector.

Then, watch the YouTube video 5 Must-know LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers! (Jeff Su 2022) on tips for creating a great LinkedIn profile, which can be applied to any networking site you choose.

Finally, create or update your profile based on the tips in Jeff Su's video and those stated above. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to make one!

Services like LinkedIn also have an ‘about’ section which should act as your main digital CV. When employers look at your profile, this is what they will search through to see if your experience is relevant. The ‘about’ section should therefore match your CV, with a few paragraphs explaining your main achievements, skills, and experience. Again, try to use numbers or evidence of impact to back up what you are saying. You should also try to add keywords here that recruiters may well be looking at for your specific role as this will help recruiters find you.