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Free course

Empowering communities

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Empowering communities

This free course, Empowering communities, discusses the most common forms of community empowerment, and explores the barriers to community empowerment and ways that these can be overcome. It will conclude by looking at crime and criminality: a particular challenge that can arise if communities are not sufficiently empowered and supported.

This course was produced by The Open University in association with the Police Service of Northern Ireland. 

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the various ways in which communities can be empowered
  • appreciate the key elements of community empowerment
  • understand the barriers and incentives to community empowerment
  • reflect on the various forms of stakeholder engagement
  • consider ways in which empowered communities can deal more effectively with crime and criminality.

First Published: 08/02/2020

Updated: 08/02/2020

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