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Free course

Introduction to making political and social change

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Introduction to making political and social change

This course is available in English, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic.

The UK is experiencing multiple crises: environmental, economic, political, social and health-related. This free online course outlines some of the key citizenship skills and information needed to intervene in the world as it changes. 

It explores how to make change politically and socially by giving essential background information to get started, examples of inspiring changemakers, advice on how to have an impact both within and outside of traditional UK parliamentary politics, and the qualities needed to succeed.

  • How can you make a difference, politically and socially, to these challenges and others? 
  • How can the UK Parliament be utilised? 
  • How can the devolved parliaments/assemblies make change? 
  • How can you be a changemaker?

This free online course will explore political and social engagement and offer guidance and inspiration to all changemakers, no matter how small.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • recognise some of the current UK and/or global challenges that interest you
  • understand what is meant by 'active citizenship'
  • understand how to make political and social change as an active citizen: how to be a 'changemaker'
  • understand the workings of the UK political institutions and the role they have in making change, as well as other ways of making change
  • identify and be able to apply in real-life settings some of the key skills and knowledge needed to make change.

First Published: 29/09/2022

Updated: 29/09/2022

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