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Participant voices & interactions Beyond The Babble

Updated Monday, 11 September 2017
Listening to the voices Beyond The Babble

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Participating in Beyond the Babble

During the interactive installation Beyond The Babble Lucia Scazzocchio and Giota Alevizou invited participants to reflect upon their notions of identity, belonging, citizenship. Participants engaged in ‘reflecting’ on both aspects of their own identity and belonging but also their part in trying to change things around them.

Participating in Beyond the Babble
Participating in Beyond the Babble

On Tuesday March 14th 2017, Lucia and Giota also hosted a public discussion to reflect on the capacity that sonic art and digital storytelling may have for contextualing stories of identity and belonging. Participants who took part in the installation also offered their views about and the ways in which perspectives can be enriched if we escape our own 'personal babble' fed by social media and news agendas, and focus on expressing, and listening to, our own and others’ voices through the medium of audio. You can listen to the full conversation here in this podcast:

PDF document Transcript 40.0 KB

You may learn more about this installation in this video presenting the work and the staging of it:

You may see in the images and the video above that the recordings from the audio booth were projected across several windows across the gallery and on twitter in the form of sound cards:

The entire content of the installation along with further explanations is featured in a dedicated website created by Lucia here:


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