Implement: Tips and Checklists

1. Implement Tips

  1. The technical / interface aspects of setting up e-assessments in college systems can be a bit tricky at first and often it is easy to forget how to do this if you only do it once or twice a year. A really useful thing to do is to keep a technical ‘logbook’ (a Word doc will do), where you record all the practical matters related to your e-assessments and ‘how to’ technical tasks and record any workarounds and problems you encounter. You can do this in a rough shorthand way of your own devising. As a starting point you might think about recording the steps involved in setting up an assessment using a particular tool in the following manner Name of Tool >Interface element and action >Interface element and action – repeated until you reach the conclusion of setting up and configuring the tool correctly. This can be very useful as some tools involve many steps and options when setting them up. Having a rough record like this where you record any odd quirks to watch out for or workarounds can be a lifesaver when you come to do this the next time.

  2. If you can share the work with a colleague it will be easier and makes cover possible if one of you gets ill