Development: Learning Outcomes and Assessments

After completing the Development section of the course the learner should be able to:

LO1.  Produce the detailed draft e-assessment content in an external word processing programme or graphics package etc. offline outside the chosen delivery system i.e. outside the VLE / e-Portfolio system etc.

Task: Create and record the details of the e-assessment (e.g. drag and drop, multiple-choice questions, essay etc.) and their possible answers, it will make sense to store any images or web links relating to the assessment here as well

MethodSave the files / documents with  meaningful names so you can find them again, think about creating a simple filing system to store your assessment designs

LO2.  Develop the e-assessment in the chosen delivery system(s)

TaskUse your previously created e-assessment content to create the e-assessment in the chosen delivery system e.g. VLE / e-Portfolio system etc.

Method: Save the e-assessment for future use in the delivery system

LO3.  Test the e-assessment technically

TaskWalk through all the steps involved in the assessment using both your own account and a test student account including accessing and recording the marks / scores

Method: Record any issues that are found – max 200 words in Your Blog

LO4.  Test the e-assessment in organisational terms

TaskUse the Jisc lifecycle model and graphic in the Getting Started section to conduct an end-to-end walkthrough of the overall e-assessment process to try and identify any problems that may arise

Method: Record any issues that are found – max 300 words in Your Blog

LO5.  Create and evaluate solutions to the possible problems identified in the technical and organisational tests

Task:  Document your solutions - think about creating your own personal e-learning assessment logbook for future reference - it is different to the idea for a scrapbook -  (this might be a personal blog or a word processing document etc. - but make it digital) - and make a copy in the course Blog 

Method: Enter the details in in Your Blog