Analyse: Learning Outcomes & Assessments

After completing the Analysis section of the course the learner should be able to:

LO1.  Produce an initial draft plan for the chosen e-assessment implementation

Task: Identify; the chosen assessment, the technologies to be used. Explain how the e-assessment will be conducted, by answering these questions: When? Where? Who? How? What? Explain how the marks will be recorded and managed. Use Section 5 of the Getting Started Readings entitled: "The Assessment System Lifecycle"

Method: Max 300 words summary in Your Blog

LO2.  Be competent in the use of the technologies that are to be used in the planned e-assessment by familiarising themselves with their operation by personal hands on experience

Task: Provide an account of their experience of using the chosen technologies, including any difficulties encountered and the solutions they found as well as any opportunities discovered. Explain how this will affect the conduct of the e-assessment – especially how they will overcome any problems found.

Method: Max 200 words summary in Your Blog

LO3.  Produce a training needs analysis of staff and student skills in relation to using the chosen e-assessment technologies

Task: Analyse and evaluate the outputs of the training exercises and record a summary of the main problems the chosen technologies present to staff and students and identify any skills gaps that exist.

Method: Max 200 words summary in Your Blog

LO4.  Describe the main limitations to implementing their chosen e-assessment

Task: Relate their reasoning to the experience and outputs of the training sessions and the training needs analysis exercise to produce a short statement. Remember to include any issues involving college infrastructure, IT department and administration. To help with this task read the Analyse Tips and Checklist and look at the Analyse Readings section called Some Typical Obstacles. To help structure your account you can use the Getting Started Readings section called The Assessment System Lifecycle.

Method:Max 200 words summary in Your Blog