Implement: Learning Outcomes & Assessments

After completing the Implementation section of the course the learner should be able to:
LO1.  Prepare the students for the e-assessment

Task: Hold trial runs with the technical system that will deliver the assessment in the actual physical context (exam hall, computer lab, library etc.). Record any issues that are discovered in relation to the technical and physical environment and the students in your logbook

Method: Reflective account – max 200 words in Your Blog

LO2.  Prepare colleagues and service departments to play their part in the assessment

Task: Liaise with identified colleagues and service department

Method: Record the liaison undertaken – max 200 words in Your Blog

LO3.  Organise alternative arrangements for those students with accessibility support needs

Task: Identify the students and their needs and develop solutions

Method: Record the solutions – max 300 words in Your Blog

LO4.  Prepare contingency plans to deal with possible problems

Task:Use the previously identified problems and issues to prepare alternative arrangements

Method: Record alternative arrangements – max 300 words in Your Blog

LO5.  Run the actual e-assessment with students

Task: Supervise / Direct the e-assessment – taking it all the way through the e-assessment lifecycle

Method: Reflective account recording any issues or unexpected events – max 300 words in Your Blog