Week 2: Learner-centred teaching


1. Introduction

Last week you looked at why being included or excluded matters for everyone. You looked at some personal stories of exclusion and some local, national and international ideas on how to make education more inclusive.

This week you will focus on learner-centred education (LCE) as a policy response to calls for more inclusive teaching.

This week you will:

  • consider the importance of policy in establishing inclusive practices
  • examine what is meant by learner-centred education and how it works in practice
  • engage with the ‘minimum criteria’ for learner-centredness
  • consider the challenges of LCE in your context.

The focus is on what it means to be ‘learner-centred’ and why it is important. You will be introduced to tools to support you in analysing learning and teaching from a learner-centred perspective.