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Nigel Gibson Post 1

18 May 2020, 14:19 Edited by the author on 18 May 2020, 19:55

Section 5, Activity 3


This thread is for section 5, activity 3

Take a few minutes to reflect on when you have been on the receiving end of written feedback in any context.

How have you felt, what has been useful and what less so?

These are examples of the type of posts we might expect to see:

"I know that sometimes I feel uncomfortable receiving written feedback because I cannot gauge tone, am I being told off?"

"I enjoy getting constructive feedback as it helps me to improve. Positive feedback is a great motivation"

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Picture of Shane Ogilvie

Shane Ogilvie Post 2 in reply to 1

8 Jun 2020, 15:29

It can be very difficult sometimes to understand what is being said in a comment. This is why the "depth 3" type of feedback is good - what was wrong, how you can fix it, and why. That said, the most motivating comments I remember are positive, rather than corrective : there is a feeling of collaboration rather than a student/tutor relationship if a comment says "Good point".

Picture of Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones Post 4 (summarised) in reply to 2

9 Jun 2020, 17:00
I agree. The "depth 3" comments are good as they are highlighting a problem...
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Picture of Marcus Young

Marcus Young Post 6 (summarised) in reply to 2

14 Jun 2020, 13:01
I agree that having feedback that specifically identifies something that has...
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Picture of Callum Whittaker

Callum Whittaker Post 44 (unread) in reply to 2

4 Aug 2021, 15:14

I enjoyed the specific examples of the three depths of feedback. When receiving feedback, I have found it really useful to not only what aspects need improving, but also why and possibly how (providing examples) in a constructive manner. This is extremely time-consuming as a marker, however, as highlighted above, the why and how in depth 3 can be similar to other feedback provided, this ensures the marker is not creating entire banks of feedback for each student to help time management.  

Picture of David Sherlock

David Sherlock Post 3 (summarised) in reply to 1

9 Jun 2020, 11:07
I think in computer science, particularly in programming, it is essential not...
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Picture of Tamara Lopez

Tamara Lopez Post 8 (summarised) in reply to 3

14 Jun 2020, 16:15
This is a really good point.  Novice programmers are programming, and...
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Picture of Colin Jenkins

Colin Jenkins Post 20 (summarised) in reply to 3

30 Jun 2020, 12:20
I have always found that programming is a continuous learning experience, and...
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Picture of Lucy Gillett

Lucy Gillett Post 5 (summarised) in reply to 1

13 Jun 2020, 14:11
I find constructive feedback works best for me, I need to know if I have done...
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Picture of Marcus Young

Marcus Young Post 7 (summarised) in reply to 1

14 Jun 2020, 13:13
Most of the recent feedback I get tends to be suggestive: "have you thought...
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Picture of Tamara Lopez

Tamara Lopez Post 9 (summarised) in reply to 1

14 Jun 2020, 16:23 Edited by the author on 14 Jun 2020, 16:24
At the moment, I am revising a journal article that was returned with a...
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Picture of Marcus Young

Marcus Young Post 10 (summarised) in reply to 9

14 Jun 2020, 22:53 Edited by the author on 14 Jun 2020, 22:53
Hi Tamara The dreaded third reviewer! One of my first papers had a dreadful...
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Picture of Tamara Lopez

Tamara Lopez Post 11 (summarised) in reply to 10

15 Jun 2020, 11:12
Thanks Marcus, this made me chuckle.  You got there in the end, which is the...
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Picture of Jenny Bakkali

Jenny Bakkali Post 12 (summarised) in reply to 9

15 Jun 2020, 13:45
Hi Tamara, A very pertinent point. I feel that the difficulty can sometimes...
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Picture of Petra Wolf

Petra Wolf Post 30 (summarised) in reply to 9

31 Oct 2020, 22:37
I think it is really important to be constructive in one's feedback....
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Picture of Ben Pike

Ben Pike Post 13 (summarised) in reply to 1

15 Jun 2020, 15:42
Getting feedback helps me to improve, but I am sometimes nervous when...
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Picture of Colin Jenkins

Colin Jenkins Post 21 (summarised) in reply to 13

30 Jun 2020, 12:22
I always look forward to reviewing the feedback, even though I may believe I...
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Picture of Adrian Hehir

Adrian Hehir Post 14 (summarised) in reply to 1

16 Jun 2020, 18:13
I had to come up with a written procedure to improve service delivery across...
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Picture of Emmanuel Isibor

Emmanuel Isibor Post 15 (summarised) in reply to 1

19 Jun 2020, 09:12
The feedback that readily comes to mind right now was a very useful one for...
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Picture of Cath Brown

Cath Brown Post 16 (summarised) in reply to 1

21 Jun 2020, 09:39
Putting my student hat on here! What’s been useful -  Feedback that shows me...
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Picture of Kate Sim

Kate Sim Post 17 (summarised) in reply to 16

21 Jun 2020, 16:18
Those are probably useful lists for tutors and would-be tutors to have.  :-) 
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Picture of Anna Pietrzak

Anna Pietrzak Post 18 (summarised) in reply to 1

24 Jun 2020, 13:41
Any constructive feedback is useful; I can see my strengths and weaknesses,...
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Picture of Colin Jenkins

Colin Jenkins Post 19 (summarised) in reply to 1

30 Jun 2020, 12:17
I have generally had good constructive feedback throughout my OU student...
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Picture of Michael Liedl

Michael Liedl Post 22 (summarised) in reply to 1

5 Jul 2020, 15:55
Back in 1998, 20 years ago, when I did most of the required courses for a...
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Picture of Toni Walton

Toni Walton Post 23 (summarised) in reply to 1

9 Jul 2020, 14:58
If there are some positives in my feedback it certainly makes me more...
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Picture of Rod Gliven

Rod Gliven Post 24 (summarised) in reply to 1

13 Jul 2020, 00:50
Feedback is always a challenge, depending on the relationship of the parties...
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Picture of Graham Smith

Graham Smith Post 25 (summarised) in reply to 1

14 Jul 2020, 12:08
I work as part of a dotted line team who develop technical papers and...
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Picture of Martin Hillson

Martin Hillson Post 26 (summarised) in reply to 1

9 Aug 2020, 16:10
Praise is nice and all that, but it is best when it carries some elaboration,...
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Coffee on Tyne

Bill Tarpy Post 27 (summarised) in reply to 1

28 Aug 2020, 10:02
It's hard to be grateful to somebody who trips you up on the stairs. Must...
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Picture of Quentin McPhee

Quentin McPhee Post 28 (summarised) in reply to 1

13 Sep 2020, 10:22
When I have received feedback in the past, I preferred feedback identifying...
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Picture of Theresa Schrem

Theresa Schrem Post 29 (summarised) in reply to 1

9 Oct 2020, 14:14
I like the format for feedback that I learnt as a secondary school teacher,...
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Picture of Silvia Varagnolo

Silvia Varagnolo Post 33 (summarised) in reply to 29

4 Nov 2020, 10:10
Hi Theresa, I absolutely agree with this format for the feedback! I think it...
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Picture of Petra Wolf

Petra Wolf Post 31 (summarised) in reply to 1

31 Oct 2020, 22:41
I am quite critical of my own work so negative feedback tends to really worry...
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Picture of Silvia Varagnolo

Silvia Varagnolo Post 32 (summarised) in reply to 1

4 Nov 2020, 10:08
When I receive written feedback I tend to focus on the negative points and I...
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Picture of Kevin Frost

Kevin Frost Post 34 (summarised) in reply to 1

11 Jan 2021, 21:30
I think poor quality feedback can be very demotivating, not only can it...
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Picture of Fiona Baxter

Fiona Baxter Post 36 (summarised) in reply to 34

23 Jun 2021, 02:02
I agree there needs to be information about improvement - how else is the...
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Picture of Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams Post 35 (summarised) in reply to 1

13 Jun 2021, 13:03
I found feedback for my PhD proposal quite difficult to understand.  i was...
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Picture of Fiona Baxter

Fiona Baxter Post 37 (summarised) in reply to 35

23 Jun 2021, 02:05
This is an example of unclear communication and must have been torture for...
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Picture of Fiona Baxter

Fiona Baxter Post 38 (summarised) in reply to 1

23 Jun 2021, 02:11
The feedback sandwich is always useful. By clearly outlining steps for...
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Picture of Elena Sanchez-Heras

Elena Sanchez-Heras Post 39 (summarised) in reply to 1

6 Jul 2021, 12:31
So far, my tutors have been extraordinary. I think marking maths assays are...
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Picture of Charlotte Jukes

Charlotte Jukes Post 40 (summarised) in reply to 1

6 Jul 2021, 13:10
I find positive feedback extremely motivating and use this to spur me on. I...
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Picture of John Dunning

John Dunning Post 41 (summarised) in reply to 1

9 Jul 2021, 13:19
Feedback that gives reasoned detail and allows you to improve should always...
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Picture of Chi Onyekaba

Chi Onyekaba Post 42 in reply to 1

17 Jul 2021, 22:41

I find feedback very useful when I'm not only told what was got wrong but also how to make it right. The use of positive language is important as well.

Picture of Richard Collins

Richard Collins Post 48 (unread) in reply to 42

16 Aug 2021, 13:35

Yes I agree, positive language is very important. I feel the TMA is the most important stages in a students journey that allows them gauge their progress. If the feedback is negative it could lead a student to leave the module.

Picture of Suzie Miller

Suzie Miller Post 43 (unread) in reply to 1

3 Aug 2021, 18:41

I think the worst feedback I have got repeatedly was just to "improve my communication" but without any support or guidance on how exactly to do that. 

Yet more positive feedback, or feedback that builds over time eg much clearer flow due to use of headings. Shows you are actually interested in that person's development over time.  

Picture of Ann Holmes

Ann Holmes Post 45 (unread) in reply to 43

6 Aug 2021, 10:59

I appreciate detailed feedback when I have done really well. Its lovely to get a high mark, but even better to see what specific, minor aspects could still be addressed next time.


Picture of Robert Stocks

Robert Stocks Post 46 (unread) in reply to 1

14 Aug 2021, 19:26

The main difficulty with feedback is removing the volume of text to reveal key information which is content driven and actually useful in developing knowledge rather than standard feedback such as review referencing (which is important but content feedback is essential)

Picture of Richard Collins

Richard Collins Post 47 (unread) in reply to 1

16 Aug 2021, 13:32

I may have been very lucky with my time studying with the OU since 2012, I have always found the TMA comments useful and encouraging. I do find the most helpful ones are in the TMA's where I under preform and I am within 10 marks of failing. These are TMA's that I know I have struggled with some of the questions. Here I see that the tutor has taken more time to think about how I had gone wrong and gives me pointers to do better next time. I do often ask quite a few questions on a TMA before the submission date so I think the tutor already has an idea where I'll be struggling. As a student I often make a point of engaging with my tutor. I like to make sure they understand the areas that I have problems. 

Picture of Bob Moore

Bob Moore Post 49 (unread) in reply to 1

18 Sep 2021, 17:51

Getting good feedback is always nice, but I am not actually all that comfortable with praise. I often think it is a bit excessive.

On the other hand, unless I already feel that what I have done is not the best I could have done, I do tend to take critisism poorly. Even in cases where it is justified, it can take me a little time to turn things around and realise I can (and usually should) do better.

It is much easier to do this if the critisism is clear in terms of what I did wrong and constructive in terms of how I might best remedy matters.

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