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Merle Lopez Post 1

6 Jun 2021, 19:22

Activity 1.3 Experiences of exclusion and inclusion in education.

 Frederik Haga Video I believe if the policy that they now have in place was in place, then he would have been able to continue his education in school and would not have to be kept at home. Senzo’s Blog: The adjustments that were made to support Senzo’s learning worked well. His teacher with the assistance of a specialist used different strategies. To develop his fine motor and improve his writing he was given the opportunity to tear paper, free hand scribbling, and play with playdough. An ISP was also develop to identify and meet his specific needs. His seating position was also changed, as to reduce distraction and support peer learning he was placed in a seat with just one other student. As they continue to assist him he was given less tasks to complete and was able to work at his pace. All of this was done under constant observation.