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Eudeane Stewart-Sealey Post 1

23 Jun 2021, 01:11 Edited by the author on 23 Jun 2021, 01:17

Activity 1.5 Wave Model Intervention

Summarising thoughts on the wave model

The Wave Model, once carried out with the necessary support from all stakeholders, is an effective tool on the road to inclusive teaching and learning.

Wave 1 focuses on the teacher and the quality of what he or she teaches. This is to ensure that ALL children within their care has access to learning without barriers and improvements (no matter how small) are celebrated.

Wave 2 targets a specific barrier to learning (simple as getting sign language interpreters or even braille books). This type of intervention is time specific and works parallel to Wave 1.

Wave 3 is where children with specific impairments which are very complex (for example, cerebral palsy) get specialist help as they may not be able to learn at the same rate as the children of their class who are not disabled.

The barriers that Wave 3 of this model faces:

1.      The limited number of teachers with Special Education training and their willingness to work with children not only of their age group.

2.      Continual training for those teachers and the time off to do so.

3.      Harvesting the knowledge and experience of those teachers that work in Special Schools as they would be able to share strategies that would work and help to develop programmes for inclusive learning and teaching.

In order for this model to work as it should, parents need to advocate for inclusivity in their local schools. All teachers should have training in special education and continual training should be done and time given to see its effectiveness. Policy makers should also understand what inclusive education really is and start overhauling the education system to remove barriers to learning, thus bringing the statement 'no child left behind' to fruition. As this model shows that when all three waves are supported by willing parties that inclusive teaching and learning is possible.