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Merlin Pierre-Holder Post 1

14 July 2021, 1:20 AM


The teacher teaching the English class had planned her lesson with all children in mind and opportunities were given that all could participate, they worked in groups while the teacher observes them as they work, she was flexible by accepting the children’s responses in their native tongue and built self-esteem by acknowledging the boys’ effort with praise and accepting just he was.

I observed an ECCE teacher doing an online activity recently, some of these components were missing, much taught was not put into her planning, she had challenges being online, she did not let the activity come alive for the children. Her questions were “yes” and “no” answers. Added to that she did relate the questions to their own experiences because they were doing a “Mother’s Day “activity  and she  ended the activity without a follow-up

She did give praises. but because she spoke so fast the children did not quite understand what she was saying at times, so they just sat and looked at her, only two were responding and she did not notice that so she could of change her strategy to involve the rest of the group.

My advice to her as an Administrator is to remember your audience at all times, especially at the ECCE level, understand your learners and their learning styles and incorporate them into the activity, let them share their experiences, asks open-ended questions to further the discussion, and allow them to draw their experiences on papers even though they were online and the activity could have ended with a show and tell.