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Merlin Pierre-Holder Post 1

14 July 2021, 3:36 AM


I encountered a child in one of the preschools with behavioral problems, such as she will run around the classroom making loud noises,  she will pull things off the wall or shelves, could not use the bathroom without assistance, this child could not express herself verbally, her language was non-existence, she will make sounds or gestures to express her self and if she wanted something she will grab it from you, added to that there were problems in the home.

To assist this learner all teachers came together to come up with strategies to help. she was placed close to the teacher during small group time, to stop her from grabbing things, we will model the behavior, we will face her when we speak and she will try to mimic what she heard. She loved puzzles and storybooks, so when she began running we will place her by herself and give her puzzles to build 0r some would read her a story, or she will choose a book and do it on her own. We worked with her father and give him strategies he could have used at home. However, he had his limitations.

 We were able to help with the toilet issue and get her to go on her own by showing her what to do when she was in that area and will take her to the bathroom every three hours until she got into the routine.

Not much peer support was used because she will have a violent outburst if she does not get what she wanted, although we will show her the correct way by using her peers to role-play the behavior. This child was a very big and strong preschooler and when she plays she will push or grab the child roughly, sometimes leaving marks on their skins, no fault of hers because she did not know her strength, to avoid children getting hurts we will minimize the physical contact, and if we do we will go over the play with your friend rules and she will be watched very closely.

At the end of her time in the school, we did see improvement with the intervention strategies we used. Reports  along with observations  were sent to School Support Division for assisstance but to no avail.