4.5 Teaching in computing and communications

Our tutors typically come with a range of academic and professional experience, but an essential element of tutoring is experience in teaching and supporting students. In this section, we have interviewed some existing tutors to explore how they support their students.

Activity 3

What is appealing about the tutor role?

Teaching in computing and communications remotely is different from classroom instruction. In this activity, you should consider the tools that you have experience with to work remotely. How might you use these in teaching?

Activities you could consider are using online tools to debug code, screen sharing, use of development tools, asking questions, or using the phone.

Select an idea and post it to the discussion forum [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] . Add comments to two other posts, how could the effectiveness of the idea be increased?

Activity 4

What does teaching mean to you?

In this video, our tutors Prince, Kate, Colin, Tammy and Charly discuss various aspects of being an OU tutor, including contact with students, the challenges of supporting students, developing student skills, and the additional support required for some students.

Watch the video and make notes about how the tutor fulfils their role. How does the tutor support students? How do they demonstrate this skill to you?

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Correspondence tuition (supporting students through your marking feedback, emails, and tutorials) is a different skill to many other forms of teaching – so you may like to think about how you can apply your transferable skills to this new situation.

Reflecting on your own experience, how do you support people, learners or students with similar issues? Draw on all of your experience, both within work, academia and in informal settings.

Write a post to the discussion forum that demonstrates your experience. Comment on some of the other posts, is it clear what they do?

4.4 What are the roles that our tutors play?

4.6 The teaching and technology challenges tutors help us solve