5.2 Role of the tutor in supplying tuition and feedback.

Correspondence tuition is an extremely important aspect of the tutor role and a really good way to develop a personalised approach to support students.

For many students, the comments that tutors put on their marked assignments are the only direct, personal tuition they receive so it is important that the comments added are both supportive and effective. It is an opportunity to be encouraging regarding the work students have submitted and can also be a driving force for student learning.

The feedback given can help to open up a dialogue between tutors and the students they support. Tutors can provide clear advice relating to students’ skills and knowledge development, for example by highlighting how their study relates to specific learning outcomes. As well as providing feedback on the work submitted, it is an opportunity to be forward-looking, to help students improve in future assignments.

It is also an opportunity to help students pace their studies by highlighting the key milestone and upcoming tutorials, for example.

Activity 1

Watch this video where students Heather Bloomer and Cath Brown give an insight into how they regard tutors at the OU.

Download this video clip.Video player: nc4487_alstem_2020_vid004_1080x1920_high.mp4
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After watching the video think about the possible ways of building good tutor–student relationships via correspondence tuition. What kinds of methods could be tried?

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5.3 The marking process