5.3.2 Marking guides

For each assignment, the module team produces a marking guide. Marking guides are helpful in ensuring consistency of marking across the tutors on the module. As the following quote demonstrates, the marking guides can also help when responding to TMA queries.

"As I was new to tutoring M269 (Algorithms, data structures and computability), I worked my way through the module material before attempting each of the TMAs as if I was a student. That helped me to understand the pitfalls that the students would come across.

"After attempting a TMA, I then turned to the Marking Guide and marked my own work as if I were marking that of a student. Again, this gave me a deeper insight into issues with the interaction between the questions and the Marking Guide and I could raise any of my confusion on the tutors’ forum well in advance of the marking period." (Shena, from the Correspondence tuition workbook)

It is important to note that some module teams also produce specimen answers. These may be added to a student’s script, in addition to tutors’ own comments, but should not be a replacement for personalised feedback.

5.3.1 The eTMA system

5.3.3 Adding feedback to TMAs – the practicalities