5.3.4 Coordination and monitoring of marked assignments

Tutors might be asked to engage in a coordination activity with fellow tutors on a module prior to marking a batch of TMAs. This is to help ensure that all tutors are marking the TMAs in the same kind of way and is also an opportunity for everyone to check that the marking guide is clear.

When marking, tutors also have access to a tutor forum so there is always a friendly place to go to ask for advice whenever needed.

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Activity 2

What are the main issues you foresee in marking at a distance?

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A tutor’s marking is regularly monitored at the OU. This serves two purposes, as monitors comment on the grading of scripts, and the appropriateness of feedback to the students. Monitors are fellow tutors, so this is peer feedback and provides opportunities for dialogue and support between tutors.

5.3.3 Adding feedback to TMAs – the practicalities

5.4 Skills of providing feedback