5.7 Turnaround times

When students submit their assignments, they are usually very eager to find out how they have done. The standard turnaround time for marking TMAs is 10 working days, so tutors plan schedules to accommodate the marking periods, according to the study calendar for that module.

Cut-off dates are clearly laid out for students and tutors at module start, and displayed on the module study calendar, as shown below.

Described image
A study calendar example from TM02 showing the TMA cut-off

The actual time allocated to assignment marking can be flexible within the marking period, so in this way the marking can fit around other commitments. Students might ask for an extension for their TMA, which is usually possible if negotiated in advance, so an adaptable schedule is needed to account for this. Most extensions that are authorised are for less than 7 calendar days but could be up to 21 days.

Activity 5

Think about how TMA marking might fit in with your current commitments.

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5.6 Summative and formative assessment/feedback

5.8 Transparent marking