6.7 Summary

This part of the course has focused on the way in which the OU supports the development of STEM practitioners from a variety of backgrounds into OU teaching. It has described the characterisation of the dual professional role and the value such staff bring to the OU academic community via professional practice which embodies:

  • Deep knowledge, conceptual understanding and expertise in teaching and learning
  • Expert subject knowledge and skills
  • Ongoing professional practice or industry activity.

In Part 6 you have learned about the induction, support and academic professional development that the OU provides and the methods it uses for its delivery. This included examples drawn from the ways in which novice tutors develop as tutors. You have also explored the transition from the didactic, tutor-centred approach typical of inexperienced teachers to the focus on student-centred learning more typical of experienced tutors.

The course so far has concentrated on the various aspects of the OU tutor role. Hopefully, you feel inspired to investigate further, so go to Part 7 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]   of the course, where you discover how to apply for OU STEM tutor roles and about the OU’s selection criteria.

6.6 Looking further ahead