3 Working within an inclusive classroom

Section overview

The interactive jigsaw diagram in Figure 14 below represents how the key factors are interlinked to support inclusion. Hover over each segment of the jigsaw - number 1 displays a definition and number 2 displays an example.

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Figure 14 CIRCLE inclusion factors
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In this section you will explore approaches to support inclusive classrooms. You will be introduced to the ‘CIRCLE Inclusive Classroom scale’, which will help you to ensure you have an inclusive teaching approach that will benefit all learners.

You will explore the following areas:

  • 3.1 Why are inclusive classrooms important?

  • 3.2 What is an inclusive classroom?

  • 3.3 Developing an inclusive classroom

  • 3.4 The CIRCLE Inclusive Classroom Scale Primary

3.1 Why are inclusive classrooms important?