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TESSA - English - All Africa

TESSA - English - All Africa
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      Welcome to the TESSA Pan-Africa English main menu.

      TESSA materials have been created and developed by experts working across a range of African countries. They are provided under an open creative commons licence and can be used and adapted for your own context as required.

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      TESSA materials are available in English, French, Arabic and Swahili

    • This course is part of a collection

      This course is part of a collection

      This course is part of a collection of courses called Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA). There are 57 courses in this collection so you may find other courses here that maybe of interest to you.

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      As a result of using these free materials in your school or teacher training institution, you will have discovered ways to enhance your teaching and make it more learner-centred.

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      George Mensah

      Integrated science

      George Mensah5 March 2018 2:15

      How do I introduce my lesson base the topic 'hazards' in junior high school 1

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