Supplementary Learning Materials

This section includes supplementary student learning materials for literacy.

The reading cards can be printed out and used for independent student learning, individually or in pairs or small groups. They are designed to be used as individual pages, printed on both sides, not as a book.

The reading cards can be used as a flexible resource library, to support learning in school, at home, or in informal community learning circles. If used and stored carefully, each card can be re-used many times by different learners.

The audio files help you to teach reading with phonics – learning and speaking the sound that a letter or group of letters make. You can play the audio files to your learners or just learn and say the sounds and words yourself, or perhaps some of each.

If you save the files offline on your mobile device you can use them as often as you like without paying any additional data charges. You may also share the files with other teachers.

The Supplementary Guide to Teaching Literacy with Phonics is a brief booklet to help you use the audio files. Part A explains how to teach the sounds of letters and groups of letters, Part B has some activities to use with your learners.