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Free course

Successful IT systems

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Successful IT systems

Information technology (IT) systems are a critical part of our world, in business and the public and voluntary sectors. They are often highly complex and interconnected combinations of technology, organisations and people. Success and failure of IT systems can be seen in many different settings. Many are highly successful; others fail, sometimes spectacularly. This free course focuses on success, to help you understand what is meant by a successful IT system.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the nature of success and failure in IT systems
  • understand what makes an IT system successful
  • understand the sociotechnical nature of IT systems, in that they incorporate hardware, software, organisational, social and human components
  • identify different types of stakeholders and apply techniques to elicit the main interactions of stakeholders with systems
  • analyse issues of power and conflict between stakeholder groups in IT systems.

First Published: 04/08/2015

Updated: 07/06/2019

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