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Free course

Teaching the First World War

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Teaching the First World War

This free course, Teaching the First World War, is designed for history teachers and their pupils. It provides a wide range of visual, textual and oral sources to enrich the teaching of the First World War. It covers familiar and less familiar aspects of the history of the First World War, ranging from the debate on the origins of the war and propaganda to non-European combatants’ experiences of fighting in a global war, and the memory and commemoration of the conflict. 

It includes skills development for teachers and their pupils, including document analysis, advanced techniques in internet searches for primary and secondary sources, and how to evaluate and identify the most suitable literature on the topic.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand topics relating to the history of the First World War, including its origins, the role of propaganda, the experiences and memories of non-European combatants, and aspects of commemoration and memory
  • analyse primary sources, including documents, paintings and objects, and develop ideas for how these sources can by analysed by students in the classroom
  • use advanced search techniques for locating primary and secondary sources on different online platforms
  • evaluate search results to identify the most suitable literature for your own work and your students
  • explain search techniques which will be helpful for students' non-exam assessment (NEA) projects.

First Published: 25/07/2023

Updated: 25/07/2023

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