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School business manager: Developing the role

Free statement of participation on completion
School business manager: Developing the role

There is an ongoing revolution in the running of state schools and this is making the position of the school business manager both significant and necessary. Government thinking, together with profound changes in society generally, will affect every institution both in terms of pedagogy and the physical environment, particularly technology and levels of security employed. This free course, School business manager: Developing the role, will look at how you, an existing or aspiring business manager, can work effectively to support school activities and stakeholders, and in particular how you can support and manage aspects of the change agenda in your school to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • review a job description for a business manager that takes account of today's context
  • understand how a business manager can support teaching and learning and all stakeholders
  • understand and use a range of analytical tools
  • apply these analytical tools to your school's situation, in particular responding to government agendas
  • understand how benchmarking data can be used to compare and contrast expenditure and resource management.

First Published: 10/08/2012

Updated: 18/04/2019

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