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Ten tips for students starting university

Updated Thursday, 7 September 2023

Are you off to university this month? Make sure you go prepared with our ten top tips, with related FREE online learning resources to help you further.

1: Better manage your budget

Student with a credit card drinking coffee

It can be tempting to blow all your student loan but, with the cost of living going through the roof, learning how to manage your finances will be crucial. Discover how to manage your money with our handy free course...

2: Learn how to prepare some healthy meals

Four lunchboxes with healthy food

It’s easy to order duck pancakes from the sofa or grab a kebab on the way home from a night out, but healthy eating will impact your overall health and wellbeing. Learn more about nutrition and the science behind it with this free course...

3: Manage your time more effectively

Clock on a pink and blue background

Having a lot of assignments, lectures and seminars can feel overwhelming. We can offer you some advice on handling work, study and other aspects of your life with our time management tips article...

4: Get used to using online forums

Student at her desk with a laptop, phone and notebook

Perhaps you're doing most of your studying online or partaking in blended learning? Do you need to use online forums at all? Does posting your thoughts in an online learning forum make you feel anxious? Then look no further than our free course...

5: Manage your digital stress

Instagram like button hovering above a young man

Social media is great for connecting, but at times it can leave us feeling panicked - especially when we compare ourselves to others. Learn how to manage wellbeing in the digital age with this helpful article...

6: Make new friends, but don’t forget your old ones

Two female flatmates chatting on the sofa

Make an effort to strike up conversations with other students on your course and to be sociable with your flatmates, but don't forget to check in on friends and family back home. This article explains why friendships are so important...

7: Understand the dynamics of teamwork

A group doing project work

Project work can be a key aspect of university life, and a great way to connect with other students. Get a head start on being a good team player with this free course...

8: Get a part time job to see you through

Student working behind the bar

Many students take on a part time job to help with their finances. A well-written CV will make all the difference when it comes to getting an interview or not being considered. Find out how in this article...

9: Avoid the pitfalls of plagiarism

Student looking stressed

Dealing with a lengthy assignment during a hectic part of your life can be tough. Developing good academic practice is essential - our interactive drama 'All my own work' sheds more light on the subject...

10: Enjoy yourself, but be aware of the impact of alcohol

Three young men drinking beer

Lots of university students drink alcohol as a social activity; when done in moderation this tends to be fine. However, alcohol abuse can cause physical and psychological problems. Explore the effects of alcohol in our free course...


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