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Author: Jay Rixon

The Arts and Creativity

Updated Monday, 24 July 2023

YXM130 Example subject pathway created by Jay Rixon, Senior Manager.

Find out more about The Open University's Art History courses and qualifications.

I’m a Senior Manager in the Access, Open and Cross-curricular Innovation team and my favourite aspect about the YXM130 module is that you can use short courses that you have already studied to count towards the module - what a win!

When studying this module, you can also continue to explore a range of themes and be a little curious about the world of learning - you can explore the types of topics you want to study for now and for the future.

By studying this module I’d be able to go on an exciting journey exploring the Arts and what it means to be creative, and how that sense of creativity can be used to teach, solve problems, and be used more widely in areas perhaps not always considered.

The courses I would select would be at different levels.  If I was studying this module, I’d want to challenge myself a bit, to see if I could cope with a range of levels and see how I’d feel about taking on more of an educational challenge for myself.

I would consider studying the OpenLearn courses below to help me discover and understand more about the following:

  • What will make me an effective student and how best to learn online and become a distance learning student.
  • How the topics I’m interested in might overlap and relate to each other.
  • Learning about the past and what has been celebrated as art and why.
  • Exploring the topics of art and creativity in its wider forms such as creative writing, innovation, and interpersonal skills, as I’m interested in how art or creativity is taught.
  • Pushing the boundaries on creativity, how we can use it to solve key problems and help people to learn how to be creative.

I would also consider studying the following course I found on Coursera. It does have a fee attached to it, but there is financial aid offered, so I would look into this to help me study the course:

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